December 3rd, 2022 – 1,529

Not been a great day all told. I slept through most of it because I’ve been super run down, and the less said about the parts of it I tried to get through after that the better. Not exactly a high point in my life right now. But life has low points, and this isn’t anything horrific, it’s just a reminder that my ability to function is, well, deteriorating. That’s normal, that’s what you would expect, and I may find better ways to ease that slide but man, in the moment, it’s rough you know? Confronting your own mortality, even when you’re not actively dying is a tough thing to process, and I would do myself no favours by trying to just pretend everything is fine, kind of like I tried to spend all day today doing.

Call this a public promise to myself to try and be better to myself, for what that’s worth.