November 28th, 2022 – 1,524

Ok so target is slipping back towards 11pm again, which is not great, but I am starting to think I should take the data I have for the last three years – thanks to the 10 bullet journals that cover that time – and figure out what the mean time is I write by. I figure there’s two figures, one much more useful than the other I suspect: I figure the mean time I write by as a number on the clock is pretty useless, unless assuming I wake up from 8 hours of sleep each night at the same time, which, you know, weekends kind of undermine. The more useful figure, would be mean time since waking, with a matrix against how much sleep I got the night before, and maybe a three dimensional one for quality of sleep leading up until that point.

See normal people play video games in the evening, not plan out three/four dimensional matrices for data that honestly doesn’t matter. But hey I mean I do play video games too. I just, happen to use spreadsheets for those as well. I may have a problem.