November 27th, 2022 – 1,523

Got to visit my nephew properly today, which was a really lovely experience. Also as you might note, despite a busy day of that, eye tests and food shopping, as well as all the usual stuff, I am writing this before 8pm, so a huge win there too. This 4 day weekend did me a world of good, and I’m starting to feel a little less burned out, and a bit more present in the moment. I also bought a hot water bottle at long last, so I get to be warm while I’m at it.

I added another 1,000 words to WHT today, which is weird as that’s my most bloated manuscript, but I think I’m leaning towards getting every current chapter either t3K across all 14 books, or earmarked for merger with another, or cut. That way, I can start doctoring each in their own right, without worrying about hitting a 1.2K chapter which needs a bunch added, and then reincubation. It’s also letting me finally add in the 300+ notes of missing content and ideas I have backlogged on Trello! My god I do love Trello, best internet multitool there is.