November 25th, 2022 – 1,521

Got my Covid booster today, the advantages I guess of ‘multiple conditions’ and all that. Either way, one less thing to worry about, and I can go to America next year now that I’ll have a recent jab. I’m just hoping that I won’t have any side effects this time, because the last jab wasn’t pleasant at all. I ended up not going to Mana tonight, which I had planned to but just, lost my nerve I guess. It was also the realisation I needed a quiet evening to best avoid those side effects from last time. I, kind of regret that decision, but I think it was also the correct one. Still very low energy, but I’m not coming apart at the seams.

So I think that I’ve extended TSS as much as I should, and I have some options over what to do next. I started filling out a form for Radish, but I’m torn on if I want to go that route. I’m still not even sure if I want to build an audience or just exist in quite peaceful obscurity. Actually that’s a lie, I know I want the latter, but I feel like that’s not socially acceptable. But, I do want to write a webnovel, and that does imply publishing said novel on the web. I need to think on this more.