November 22nd, 2022 – 1,518

You know for once Imma not read 11/22/63 again this year just because of the date. Not because I don’t want to, more I do that every year, and right now I feel like some comfort fiction. I’m going to read Legends & Lattes because I’ve been meaning to for ages now and it’s so long overdue. Also of note, tomorrow I finish work at 11am, and then I am off until Monday. The lecturers strike is sad because lecturers shouldn’t be forced to strike for such basic things as not having to deliver lecturers right after giving birth, and not being paid enough to get into work. That said, this is the first chance in weeks I’ve had to just stop for a while, and I need it so badly.

I have a decision to make, whether I go to the creative writing society after uni tomorrow. I would have to wait around until 7pm, and I don’t know how I feel about sharing work with total strangers. But it might be worth it? I don’t know. I also cannot remember if I have therapy this week or not. Pretty sure I do. Speaking of I really need to find my debit card. Can you tell how much I need a break by the fact I don’t know where my debit card is and I’m too burned out to panic about it? You seeing why maybe I’m opting for cosy fiction over literal Stephen King? Ok admittedly I find horror cosy but still.