November 18th, 2022 – 1,514

Day before break day. That’s not a day where I take a break, rather it’s the day “The Break” happens in the in-universe/multiverse canon of the series, in 2011. So eleven years ago. It’s probably a good thing I’m not overly worried about people reading my stuff when it’s not exactly contemporary. But then my webnovels if I ever do take that plunge will be, and if I do end up writing historical literary nonfiction – which I am more inspired than ever to do at the moment – then that’s not super contemporary either. So yeah, not hung up on it and not a major problem, but I do get if it puts some prospective readers off.

Still in a bit of a stress bubble, but hoping that will pop over this weekend and I’ll mellow out a bit more. Who knows, maybe I’ll start blogging at times of day other than 11pm?

…Specifically rooting for like 1pm or 11am, pls no 3am broken posts.