November 10th, 2022 – 1,506

You know what I could totally see myself doing to relax this weekend? I could just turn off all notifications, go radio silent – outside of this blog of course – and just read the whole series. Not do a bunch of editing, just, read and make notes. Heck even the notes aren’t as important, because the thing is I wrote the series for me, and I haven’t taken a whole lot of time to enjoy it yet. That could be a really nice experience. I’ll see how I feel, but I’ll probably do a fair amount of Stardew too. Speaking of, just pulled off Year 1 Community Centre yet again, and this one was a nail-biter; I got the Red Cabbage Seeds on Winter 19, and get this: I forgot to turn on the guaranteed seeds option, so there was zero guarantee I’d get them, and in this case I got them at the last possible second for me to Speed Grow them, hand in the cabbage on Winter 27, and get the cut-scene on Winter 28. That was wild. God I love that game.

Onwards to perfection. Stardew I mean, screw chasing perfection in writing.