November 8th, 2022 – 1,504

I don’t know if I feel like staying up for the midterms results, but I imagine I would regret it if I do, given I regret being up this late as it is. Today was hectic because of the trains again, cancelled both ways. Grim, but I mean I still made it in, and yes this has a negative effect on my health but it’s not about me. I’m not gonna get into any sort of politics beyond that, well except for this: 52-48, 235-200, both Republican gains. Of note I’ve not factored in independents into that but given I’m almost certain to be wrong anyway who cares? I mean who cares anyway right?

Got most of my essay work ready for Thursday but I really hope I have the spoons to do more polishing on them tomorrow. I just hope I have energy full stop. Being this tired sucks.