November 6th, 2022 – 1,502

I did not manage to sleep until 7am yesterday. That does not bode well. As a result, I’m writing this at gone-11pm – what else is new – but it feels way earlier than that. I just have to hope my body will let me sleep when I turn in, which will be in about 5 minutes. But that blip aside, I did manage to have a restful weekend. Was it ideal? Eh, not exactly, but I did get to spend quality time with my partner, and I played a lot of Stardew. I need to do that more on my laptop too, because it’s amazing how much it helps. Just pulled off year 1 community centre again so feeling pretty chuffed. I got the red cabbage seeds on Winter 19, so had to Speed Grow them to be sure, but I mean yeah not bad at all. But I really wanna take this save file and make a beautiful farm, go for perfection and just run with it for once. As much as I like starting over, it’s nice to take some time to make what I already have better.

There’s probably a message hidden in ^ there about not rushing onto new writing projects and it being ok to spend so much time of late adding to the existing books. One to think on.