November 5th, 2022 – 1,501

Didn’t do any of the celebrating that comes with November 5th, but admittedly I haven’t gone to a bonfire night event since about 2012. I do find the lore and pageantry around it as an event fascinating, but the loud noises aren’t for me and the crowds can be a little overwhelming. Still, it’s sad that it rained this year, even if that is the UK in a nutshell: a literal rained-on parade. So not to rain on the parade that is celebrating the start of the next 100/500/whatever words of 1K, but I think I’m not in a great mental place. I know right, who’d have ever guessed after so many ‘healthy’ 11pm posts amirite? I think once I get past the essay deadlines, I need to have a serious think about projects going forward.

Here’s where my mind is: I work best when I do have a main project, but ‘Main Story Focus’ would be too rigid for uni. That’s fine, but I do need a project to focus on. And I need to kick that off sooner rather than later.

Also I need to set up a new keyboard on my home PC as this one is broken as all hell now for no reason. I can no longer recommend the Azio Retro Classic. And given it was a gift I feel pretty lousy all told. So yeah, woo for new beginnings and all that…

(I have to slam the space bar every time because it’s ‘stuck’, feels wretched…)