October 30th, 2022 – 1,495

Five days off of 1,500 days of 1K, and the last 50~ of that have been a bit bizarre. Not having a ‘main story’ hasn’t been as terminal as I once feared it might be, but I do also feel a little more rudderless than my best expectations hoped for. I guess the problem is I want to start working on my Deep Blue project, but I need to do a lot more research before diving in, what with it being a true story and all and one I need to know more in depth. The books and articles about it are fascinating but this step takes a while when I have to give most of my reading energy to, you know, my degree.

I am at least posting this before 11pm, if only by like a quarter hour if that. I’m not feeling as poorly either which I’m taking as a good sign, but it all depends on how this week proper goes. For all I know I’m about to crash hard. I really hope not as I have a lot of essays to finish. And on that note, I’ve turned to an old friend to help with said essays: Scrivener. The logic is that as a tool, Scrivener is perfect for compiling all my research and notes in one place, has Chicargo referencing built in, and lets me keep all my essays within one project, which should help when it comes to avoiding self-plagiarism and also when I eventually reach my dissertation. Or dissertations. I feel I should know if I have to write one or two. I think it’s two. I really hope it’s one. Weh.