October 23rd, 2022 – yeah no

I hope I don’t need to explain why I’m not printing that number in the title of a blog entry. Tomorrow will continue with 1,489 as normal – assuming I don’t fall into a coma or randomly give up on 1K. With how I’m feeling the latter is impossible and the former could’ve happened on Thursday for all I knew at the time, and thankfully did not as it wasn’t that serious. Still, it was darn unpleasent, and I’m still in the last steps of recovery. I’ll work from home tomorrow morning assuming I don’t wake in agony again, and then we’ll see as far as going into Sussex goes.

I really do want to start work on another project but I do not know what. ATM is really helping in the meantime both buy me as much time as I need, and teaching me more about my characters as I go. Sometimes like today, it’s that the character’s past experiences were much, much darker than I realised at first.