October 21st, 2022 – 1,486

I feel, a little less delirious than I did last night? That is not saying much given I spent like 90+ minutes of yesterday feeling as if I was having a stroke, and then most of the day after that in just full body agony, which has given way now to full body aching with some big pain spikes, but yeah. That was, not fun. Thankfully I don’t think it was a migraine, which I suspected given my phone and laptop screens didn’t make it worse, even though bright ceiling lights did. I’ve managed to get up and move around the house a little but only for about 1,300 steps or so. And I wrote target, journalled, edited, Wordle’d and now am blogging, thus showing that I refuse to let even the worst probable-PoTS flare up I’ve had so far stop me.

I’ll figure this out.