October 15th, 2022 – 1,480

So it’s another 11pm blog post, which isn’t the best of signs I will admit, but today could honestly have gone worse. Me being shattered drew out writing, as it seems to a lot now, but I managed to spend most of the day in rest-mode, and I did manage to get a fair bit done. One issue I am finding on the weekends though is I am crashing oh-so-much harder than I used to, and I don’t have a decent solution for that yet besides ‘power through’. That works, but in terms of sustainable ideas, it ranks about as low as you can get. I don’t much like tightrope walking above oblivion.

I’m in a bit of a weird bind when it comes to writing at the moment, because I am itching to start a new main story, but the flexibility I currently have with ATM makes me feel less inclined to, and with the aforementioned fatigue, playing it safe is kinda working right now. The only problem is I am not getting a substantial amount of editing done, so none of my projects save ATM are moving forwards. I guess the actual question then is who am I writing for: audience, so I should start a new book and do something with it this time, or myself. If it’s me, then staying the course is fine. That’s where my gut is right now, but I do want to keep an eye on that. I don’t want to lose the habit of novel writing.