October 11th, 2022 – 1,476

Ok I’m stupid. I’m writing this at almost quarter past 11pm, on the train back from Falmer. I can’t work and study this late. I start at 9am tomorrow and I’m more or less forced now to do that from home so I can have any chance at 8 hours of sleep. It’s annoying because I have to make up the travel hours – ok I say I have to, no one’s said that but I feel I have to. I also probably have to. Either way that eats into the free afternoon and it’s just, bleh.

It’s also kinda funny. I used to do this all the time the first time round. And by “funny” I of course mean “worrying” because “I used to do this all the time the first time round” with a footnote pointing how horribly wrong said time went. That’s being a bit silly I guess but I do need to be careful. Today was a 14 hour day and I took maybe an hour where I wasn’t working or studying. I need to pace myself.