October 10th, 2022 – 1,475

OK, today went better than expected. Work had no landmines, which was nice. Lectures went straightforward, although a fire alarm in Fulton ended the second one early, which is a bit grim for what we pay for studying but not the lecturer’s fault. And Woodcraft went really well, which I am particularly proud of because we played a game I came up with and the kids seemed to love it. But the thing I am most proud of on this half of the day at least, is that I hit target at 16:22. And I did it by writing on the train itself. It feels fitting to write The Service to Ore on the literal service to Ore. I even did an above average edit.

I feel very run down is the only problem, and I think I know why. Today was super busy, and I did not drink nearly enough water. The consultant who diagnosed my EDS said I should be aiming for about 3 litres a day, and I am well short of that figure. But that’s ok, recognising an issue is the first step to resolving it, and there will be workarounds I can put in place. I probably just need to put a water bottle into my new bag when it arrives. I hope that’s soon, as carrying two separate bags is a faff.