October 4th, 2022 – 1,469

Man all the days are long at the moment. I’m almost glad tomorrow’s lecture got cancelled in a way, as it means I have 2 hours of work, and then I can just rest for a bit. I am really seeing just how vital a rest stop is in the middle of the week now I can actually try out the whole “Weekend Wednesday” idea. Turns out that yes, if you do two days, one day off, another two days, and then two days off, it makes you much more productive. Heck even my wordcounts are doubling and I never take breaks from that. Over one thousand eight hundred words today, not including about 800+ words of lecture notes, and of course the 450~ words of journal, bullet journal and, well this.

You might notice though I am writing this at almost 11pm, and that is the one rub right now: I am shunting target a little too late in the day sometimes. Need to course correct that.