October 3rd, 2022 – 1,468

A 1,750 word day today, which considering how busy it was is quite a feat. I’m posting this at just after 21:30 so a little outside my ideal range, but I’m gonna go right to bed after, hopefully making tomorrow easier on me. I hope I sleep, as I am utterly shattered. Touch wood, still manageably so, but I am sort of ill at the moment, even if I suspect this is just my body throwing a few check engine lights. At least the chest pains are gone.

ATM was my target of choice today and I found it easy to also get a healthy 80 or so words of editing net on TFT as well, meaning it was a big numbers day all around. I feel I’m in my groove, and it helps I also managed to do well in excess of a thousand words of note taking too. Just gotta keep an eye on that; even if my stamina for writing is up, 1K is still enough and I need to pay attention to my spoons. The tracker I tried didn’t end up working out, but if I can just find a way to track how I feel throughout the day that should work. The bujo is nice, but what I need is something inside it to track with, like a new scale I mark myself on periodically. One to mull.