October 2nd, 2022 – 1,467

Restful weekend all in all. I need to try and make that the default, even if were it not for rail strikes I would have been in Falmer studying yesterday. I feel a bit run down still, but it’s more that sensation of coming close to a health crash and pulling up before, rather than careening into that brick wall of doom. I’m feeling decently ready for the week ahead, and about to make my coffee for it in my brand new Thermos, which is hopefully going to save me a fair bit of cash in the long run. Got to start watching my money closely now after all.

ATM has helped me figure out a big change I need to make to VOL, so that’s super helpful. I think this is the silver bullet I’ve needed to better edit my work for a long time now. Again, I won’t be making ATM public for some time, but the change should go into VOL pretty soon, or at least in the coming weeks. Think it’ll be the ‘ah’ moment for a thing I never quite clocked needed one.