October 1st, 2022 – 1,466

Rocketing off on a new Stardew playthrough. Maybe, depends on my energy levels. I managed to write at a decent time today, and with this post I should be all wrapped by half 9 in the evening. Now I normally wouldn’t consider that ‘great’, but I’m starting to think that my ‘good’ zone should be up to 9:30pm, and not so much of a sliding scale. It makes the days I write at 9 feel less successful than they actually are. More to the point, on a weekend when I don’t need to sleep yet? Why not, right?

I still need to figure out how best to slot in uni writing, but that is gonna be a Monday problem, as I need to rest up this weekend. On that note, time to go back to Stardew. Well, spreadsheets, then Stardew. I play Stardew weird.