September 30th, 2022 – 1,465

Man what a week. It’s still a little weird to be able to talk about uni openly at work after 7 months of Project4, but I am finding my productivity skyrocketing in the office. I think EDS suits short bursts of high productivity, but I could never get my head around Pomodoro or other artificial ways to make small bursts work. Aside from the finances of it not adding up until now, I should have gone part time years ago I think. Of course I guess we have to see if that holds true long term, but all reasons to feel optimistic so far.

I like that I can just write what I feel like on any given day now. I think if I decide one project stands out to me, Main Story Content will go into effect for the duration of that project, but for now getting to hop between ATM, VOL and TFT as I am right now feels nice. And of course soon, I’ll be doing more uni writing alongside these. That I seem to be too averse to not do 1K of fiction a day I am hoping isn’t going to detract from academic writing and note taking, but given I make about 600-1K notes per session in my UniBuJo makes me cautiously optimistic it won’t be as hard as I fear.

To be clear, I am under no illusion how hard this journey will be. Heck, I had an anxiety attack in the first week, and yes I managed to ride it out and bounce back without dropping any balls, not all such roadbumps will be as smooth. I need to be aware, and ready to face far worse bouts down the line, as well as just the fog of the future. But at the close of arguably the busiest month of the year, and perhaps my entire life, I gotta say, I’m feeling optimistic. That’s a nice feeling.