September 23rd, 2022 – 1,458

I find it funny that I love Dungeon Crawler Carl so much, that when I finish the latest book, I always just end up back on book one again within anywhere from a couple days to a couple hours. It’s the perfect mix of comfort fiction, thought provoking, and just fantastic writing. I really hope I get to meet and talk to Matt Dinniman some day. Clearly I need to be less of a coward and join the Discord. In truth the only reason I haven’t is I rely on the audiobooks – paper problem – so I wanna avoid spoilers best I can.

Utterly knackered, and today wasn’t even that long, I just didn’t get much sleep. Tonight, Imma conk out for a nice long time, and then tomorrow I’m gonna go buy a cheeseboard selection and have a fun laid back weekend. I actually meant to buy one after work today, but I did at least remember to buy ice cream. Trying to cater to comforts right now. After all I have a heck of a lot of stress in my near future and I need to keep that in check. I’m also hoping a bunch of books will arrive tomorrow, while I listen to a few more of the uni books on Audible.

Onto writing. I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, and I think all I can do in the short term is heed that I feel the need to focus story content, and to allow essays to take priority when they get set. The good news is that means I will end up finishing most if not all of my homework on the day of or after it gets set. Still need time to find the rhythm. But hey, I haven’t started yet, so I need to be considerate to myself.