September 18th, 2022 – 1,453

I am both incredibly sad that Monkey Island isn’t gonna be available to me at midnight, and yet also so thankful, because I can just lie in for an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage tomorrow and then wake up, and hop right on. I am so excited for it, and yes, to be clear, I am not gonna let said hype cloud me. Frankly I just care Ron got to make a Monkey Island game again, if it’s good that’s a bonus, and I’m just grateful it exists. I have a feeling it’s gonna be great, but I’m going in with no preconceptions or ideas. I did that with Psychonauts 2 and it took the #2 slot in my favourite games of all time.

And tomorrow, I finish this insane project I spent the last ten years working on. Except not, and that’s the crucial reason I decided not to sprint to the end last night. As cool as finishing the final draft on the 10 year anniversary of starting the first one would be, 1K taught me some very important lessons over the last 4 years:

  • Anniversaries suck, or more they are not guaranteed to be even average, and aiming for arbitrary benchmarks like that is a recipe for enjoying the process less.
  • That said, I had put an aim to finish by 4Y1K, and moving the goalposts back mid flight sets a bad precedent.
  • The Whispering Rail is such an unmitigated disaster of a novel at present I may just start again from scratch.
  • The Horizon Trilogy is if anything more dire, and I don’t even know if I want to include them in the canon in their current form. Like, those events happen, but I don’t know how much of it I need to show.
  • I’m having a blast writing The End of the Line, even if this is a lil rough around the edges, and having fun is the most important part.

So yeah, feeling good. Actually feeling great, as mum bought me a very special present today: a month’s worth of the bulk of my shopping. That was such a kind gesture, and it makes such a big difference in keeping my budget on track at the moment. I might be feeling run down – yesterday was super intense after all – but I’m happy.