September 16th, 2022 – 1,451

Well, today was painful. I don’t mean work, nor going to see friends after work, both of those were nice. What was painful was my head, and I am a little uneasy about that, as I am a little wary of ‘headaches’ at this time of year. They have a nasty habit of turning into very severe migraine. I am hoping this one doesn’t, but I am walking a thin line.

TEL is nearly at the end of the line, because, you get it, that’s the name of the – you know what never mind. Just the epilogue to go, which is, surreal, very, very surreal. You spend 12 years working on something like this, even if only getting my act together in the last four to make it happen and, here we are. It’s a weird, but humbling time. Not over yet of course, I have that pesky top to bottom edit to do. But I mean, yeah, wow.