September 13th, 2022 – 1,448

That, was a very successful day. I even carved out some time to do this blog at not-10pm, albeit only just as it was a packed day and the evening isn’t quite what I would call ‘light’. That’s fine, I feel pretty accomplished right now, as when I did manage my break today I got a ton of writing done. 1,800 words of TEL, and a major scene I have been trying to figure out how I’d play out for years came together better than I could have ever expected. It won’t be immune from needing a rewrite I am sure, but I’m hoping it will be nearer to needing tweaks than whole passages redone. That is after all, the reality of what lies ahead.

I would not be surprised if in in the end, I start hitting 1K both with essay practice, and with editing, though I do not think it would be wise to enforce both, and my degree absolutely comes first. Oh, and speaking of, I forgot to mention something yesterday. Take a look at what arrived.

Apologies for the censorship but not exactly looking to DOXX myself

This might not be as grand as a diploma, which I fully intend to come away with, but this is a symbol of the work I put in over the last eight months, which funnily enough is as near as makes no difference to the day. I booked off next week, which was the final official step, and after a talk tonight with dad to make sure the finances all add up, I’m all set. It’s finally sinking in. Five words that have been in my head on a slow but rhythmic beat for all eight of those fraught months, and even when doubt emerged, I never truly lost certainty I’d pull it off.

I’m going back to Sussex.