September 12th, 2022 – 1,447

Putting this one out late but not because I couldn’t write sooner. In fact I hit target about 11 hours ago at quarter to eleven this morning, and I had a busy but manageable day of work after that. But instead of blogging between tasks, I started writing a new project. In fact, I wrote well in excess of three thousand words of it while other processes loaded and whirred, which is not a kind of stop start writing I normally achieve such impressive results with. In fact, 1K is 1K in part because I can just about squeeze that into a hectic day if I want a pre-5pm target. All of that writing was pre-5pm. The story – A Timeless Moment – is a very important piece of the editing process for the 14 books of the series. It’s my way of interviewing the characters one on one, and discerning what it is about them that makes them tick, what their individuality looks like, and what little fluffy details about them I need to better work into the stories.

That I then went for food with family, did an hour and a bit of volunteering, and squeezed in some Plate Up with our regular group all added up to a busy but super rewarding day. And while yes, I am tired, I have to say I’m nowhere near as bad as expected. This is manageable.