September 10th, 2022 – 1,445

I ended up on a ten hour long games call today, and I think I needed a bit of that. See I’ve been trying to play more games in general, but with limited success because I just end up being too tired to a lot of the time, and sitting up at my PC can be quite difficult to motivate myself to do when I’m shattered. Often times I’m fine once I am sat there, even if I can get achy after a while as most people would. Well today we played Plate Up, Phasmophobia in regular and VR, Google Earth VR, Ampu-Tea, Back4Blood – the new expansion which my xirlfriend was kind enough to buy for me – and then a bit more Plate Up. Incidentally, I recommend all of those highly.

I still need to book induction week off of work, which in a grim but useful twist was made easier today as Monday 19th is now a bank holiday this year. I’m just in an odd situation now though as far as any possible second one goes, as it would mess up the study schedule. I hope it doesn’t, whether there is one or not. I guess we’ll see. But yes, today showed I need more rest days like this, and I will absolutely be doing the same next weekend. And then Monkey Island comes out on Monday, the, 19th. Is it, is it bad I’m probably going to spend that whole day playing it? Let’s be honest, it’s not the most disrespectful thing I could do with the day.