September 8th, 2022 – 1,443

Very long day. And yes, I’m writing this after the you-know-what announcement. I was over in Falmer doing some studying, so as you can imagine, I got less done than I would have hoped to. But it’s not every day you see history playing out in real time. It’s funny because I’ve seen several videos about ‘London Bridge has Fallen’ but it’s been surreal to see it actually play out. I kept one ear on the radio all evening, so I heard the RATS announcement as it went out.

Irony is I now need to go back and rewrite bits of TEL. I always knew there was a danger writing that one ahead of time but hey, that’s what the rewrite is for. Not right now though, as I had a really bad PoTS flare up at work and right now, all I need to do is go and sleep.