September 7th, 2022 – 1,442

So I managed to go do some studying after work today. In isolation that might seem unremarkable, and in a way it is, but I woke up this morning feeling incredibly poorly, still managed to get in early, got a lot done at work, managed to write target on my break, left exhausted, and still managed to do a couple hours of studying. Now, I was still tired, so I didn’t manage quite as much progress as I would have liked, and I am still heavily reliant on being allowed to take the university induction week off from work, but on the whole I’d say my transition into full time studying alongside work is going quite well.

As for TEL, well I do think what I wrote today was a bit weaker than I would like, the end of chapter 25 if I’m looking back later and hoping to use this to figure out what to fix up next, but I did make a big leap forward on another project. Frequent imaginary readers who are observant may note that since I renamed ‘The First Stroke‘ to ‘The First Note‘, I hadn’t yet updated the name in the sidebar of this doc. That was in part because I didn’t much like that name either. I wanted the name to evoke the start of a project, ‘first stroke’ being the first line on the page. It just sounds weird and I never much liked it. ‘Note’ sounds too musical and I already have ‘The Spectrum Sings‘. And then I thought, what actually starts an investigation? It’s not sitting down to write.

It’s when you pull ‘The First Thread‘. I also like this because the multiverse model I use for my series’ is described as like a big ball of yarn, so this is sort of the protagonist of this story stumbling across the thread that leads them into this world. So yeah, that plus studying in the face of fatigue, today was a good day. Here’s hoping I pull it off tomorrow too.