September 5th, 2022 – 1,440

Well damn, it actually worked. I mean, my batteries are still hovering in the 1% range but I’m all done with my writing, on top of work and for the most part able to breathe again now I am no longer needed for enrolment. So yeah, yippie, I guess. I sound more pessimistic there than I really am but I only got like 4 and a bit hours sleep last night as the pain got bad. My ankle in particular decided to carry that into the day as a whole, but I’m just feeling bleh in general. I’m hoping I’ll fall asleep at about 8pm-ish and just conk out for 11 or so hours.

On that note, I’ve been reviewing my sleep and wake times data, comparing it to my walk speed with and without the cane, and also looked at the data I have for when I set alarms for vs when I actually get up. That all combined, I have moved my daily wake up a whole hour, which means I need to work extra hard to get to bed sooner on pre-weekday evenings. Not quite as stark as tonight’s 8pm goal, but 10pm needs to be my lights out time now, at the absolute latest. At the moment, 11:30pm is that line, and even then it gets fuzzy. But I’m hoping the fact my train leaves at 08:09am is motivation enough for the shift. If I can correct my sleep back to the current 8:14am norm, then this isn’t really much more than moving the clocks.

Of course moving the clocks messes me up a lot so there’s that…