August 30th, 2022 – 1,434

I wrote over 7 hours ago but I have been pretty busy all evening, so yet another late post. Slight u turn on yesterday, not on deleting the chapter so much as realising there was enough there as reference material and doubling back to write the missing scene, and yes this was absolutely the right decision. I honestly don’t know why I was about to skip the scene when it’s perfect for foreshadowing and building character. So um, writing tip, and a big one: write down the big change you wanna make, and sleep on it.

I hate WordPress on mobile, the box always cuts off the line of text you’re writing so you have to write blind or stop and slap your fingers on the screen like you’re drunkenly texting a loved one, you know, with care but about as much coordination as a walrus on a skateboard. Ahh, nested metaphors. That last one, made no sense. Wouldn’t the skateboard just break? Though I guess that’s ‘uncoordinated’…?

This is why I’m going to bed. Also it’s gone 11pm. Really need to wind down sooner…