August 27th, 2022 – 1,431

I crashed today, but kinda on purpose. Three day weekend after all and you saw how out of it I was yesterday. I was not putting that on, I could see the screen moving like it was underwater while I typed. Was grim. But I conked out for a good nine hours and spent today resting and playing some of my favourite games I haven’t in a while. Even did some deck building which I haven’t in quite some time, albeit ensuring I wouldn’t spend money doing so.

So, 70K, the big one, the TUS threshold in a way, though that’s more like 72K as that’s where book one sat for a long time. Gotta say it’s strange but gratifying, as while the books aren’t of an ultra quality yet, the ability to get the series to even this point has taken thousands of hours of work. Is a good feeling. It’s not quite sunk in, but I am expecting a lot of stuff is going to start to in about a fortnight’s time. For now, Imma keep resting, enjoying the long weekend, and getting ready for the next steps.