August 26th, 2022 – 1,430

Well well well. I don’t really have anything to well at, so I’m just welling because I’m tired, and because my brain is a mushy pile of goop, so I don’t know what I’m saying right now. I am in a state of uh oh, but not bad uh oh just, oh, uh oh, brain, no likey thing.

So part of my EDS diagnosis is probable POTS, and I think maybe brain be doing POTS in the no no to make brain, no. I swear I’m not putting this on but the weirdest part is I just finished journalling and I was fine. Actually now I am more in the flow of this I seem to be getting a little less woozy, but I feel weeeeeird. I think Imma go lie down now. But also, TEL is 69K, nice, and it hits the big 70K tomorrow. Like, all 14 books after tomorrow will be novel length. Unfinished, unpolished and a long way from showtime but, yeah it feels special you know? I’m pleased, contented even. So while I feel my brain melting like a 99 Flake in a heatwave out of my ears, life is good.

99 Flakes are expensive now, like I bought one in Brighton during Pride and it was, woof, like, £2.80? I think? Anyway it was, alarming. I bet it’s normally cheaper but still. I wanna get an ice cream machine. Ok I’m going to sleep now before I make this blog any more cringey than it already is.