August 23rd, 2022 – 1,427

Slowly I seem to be finding a place of peace in my head. Life is still needlessly intense, and I am drained as all hell at the moment on too little sleep, but I can at least say that I am getting by, still writing, still have structure in my life. I messed up a little this evening by getting in a milkshake, which is pushing it budget wise, but at the same time eh. You just have to power past the lows, and to be fair I think I’m past the worst of this one as the temperatures are going down, making sleep much easier.

TEL is looking at coming in for about 88K, and usually I lowball those estimates so 90K is within possibility, meaning all my worries over that appear unfounded. But also, I’m just enjoying writing this one. I think if I’ve learned one thing these past four years, it’s whatever habit you build your life around, make it a comfort. At least if you’re like me in personality I guess. I know right, hyper scientific conclusion there. Even more so when you consider it’s a data set of one.