August 22nd, 2022 – 1,426

I am not in the best of ways tonight. I’m shattered from a long and stressful night, and yes, I do mean since I blogged, which as that was at 23:23 I am sure you can imagine I got loads of sleep. I’m cranky, I feel stressed, and I am worried I haven’t been able to keep that inside enough to be nice company tonight for other people. Just not the best feeling right now all in all. I’m putting the Secret of Monkey Island on my phone and I’m going to zone out for a while to try and bounce back from it.

TEL is however looking pretty good, but for one teeny tiny snag. I have this horrible feeling I am going to come in for a final wordcount of 83K. And well funnily enough that’d make it the shortest book in the series. To be fair, in the dedication for this one it’s going to say “this one’s for me”, and the whole series is in a way so who cares right? Well, I kinda do because if I am putting this out there I want the stories to feel substantive enough, and one being 10% shorter than all the others feels a bit off. Or maybe it doesn’t matter and I’m being a hypocrite, given I’m the one usually telling other writers ‘your story is as long as your story is.’