August 20th, 2022 – 1,424

Spent almost the entire day working on a present for my xirlfriend, so not much to report other than business as usual, and that as much as I hate the price tag of the Creative Cloud, I gotta say I am super tempted to sign up for it. It’s hard to ignore just how much easier it is to use than the equivalent tools. It’s a shame Adobe is a horrible company that more or less exploits creatives by breaking up what should be two or three applications into like 30 and then offering a ‘saving’ option that compiles them for about what the damn thing should cost for a year as it’s monthly subscription. Couldn’t recommend pirating it of course, because that would be immoral. *cough*

Also TEL continues. Not much more to say, though I do like that Past the Gap is going to slot right in.