August 18th, 2022 – 1,422

Not the worst Thursday. It was still a slog – I had so many technical issues throughout the day and didn’t get a full night’s sleep because, well dumb bad luck. But I am, fingers crossed and touching wood, stable. And for that matter, TEL, while rough, is ticking along nicely. I even managed to find a joke I didn’t even realise was there for the taking hidden in the structure, so that was fun. I wrote while listening to Dungeon Crawler Carl, for the Yes’th time, and it’s funny how much it helps me relax into writing. I love that series so much.

Tomorrow, hopefully I write early, go play some cards in the evening, and then just rest. Another long week, but every week I get a little strength back. I think I’m ready. All I can do is power ahead and prove it. Also, I need to apply to the Badger tomorrow. Given it a lot of thought, and I’ve made my decision what I am applying to do. I just need to finish the application.