August 17th, 2022 – 1,421

I worked from home today. I was fine to go in, but the storm made me think twice. Mum suggested I not risk it, and truth be told, if that rain fell at 8:30am or at 5:00pm, I’d have been screwed. But it didn’t. That’s not to say I think I made a bad call, it was better not to risk it, but as you can see, my routine got messed up and I ended up only writing in the last hour or so. I need to get better at this, because when term starts, my routine is going to take much bigger hits than this. I’ll be going into the office tomorrow, but I need to be ready for this challenge.

TEL is still chugging along. Just hit 60K. On this track, unless the book comes in at over 100K and I only write 1K a day, I will finish on or before 4Y1K. I just hope I’m also ready for that day, because my life is about to change forever.