August 16th, 2022 – 1,420

I wrote at midday on my lunch break, but I never found time throughout today to blog so you’re getting a sort of late one. I would say this week is going off without a hitch except in all likelihood I will work from home tomorrow if the rain is torrential. Heck if it is raining I won’t risk it because at 9:30am today it turned into a momentary storm out of nowhere, and that’s what’s meant to happen tomorrow. I can handle a little routine disruption, I just need to do my best not to overthink it and go back in on Thursday as if nothing were amiss. That is the plan at least, and this is the time of year where there are things I need to do while actually on campus, so it’s crucial I not lose the habit.

Speaking of work routines, I handed in my and my manager’s joint application for my hours reduction today, 37 down to 22. It’s a weird feeling surrendering 15 hours of work time a week, not to mention the whole ‘my life changes in September forever’ness of this all. But the fact I am writing earlier and earlier at the moment suggests I’ve reached a place of calm with it. After all, it’s not so much that I end up awake late because I write late, it’s that I’m too stressed to sleep that I write late and then sleep late. It’s a pretty useful tool for telling my wellness, and based on that one metric, I am doing ok.