August 15th, 2022 – 1,419

You know, it’s funny how my new work contract – assuming it’s all approved which looks more than likely, will take effect from the first day of term at uni, and, I kid you not, be on September 26th. That is the literal 4 year mark of 1K, as 4Y1K is actually the first year of year 5. So Project4 is complete on 4Y1K, in like, the most perfect finale imaginable. Like you couldn’t make that up, and it’s kind of making me look at the book idea of 1K with a little more serious intent. Really the only reason I have not to write that is 1K isn’t anything special at first glance. After all it’s basically a mixture of what lots of popular writers say to do, combined with keystone habit theory and Enoughism. I guess what a book like that would have to offer is a good story though, and not gonna lie there is absolutely one in there about disability empowerment. If it might help someone, it may not be such a bad idea. But not as an ego project, that would be pointless and tasteless.

When are we getting this thunder already…

IRL thunder, I am not calling for any more discord, the last yes years have had enough of that.

Please don’t smite me.

Even if it would be kind of funny after all this.