August 14th, 2022 – 1,418

OK, I am still alive, more or less. I am going to just need to survive some heat tomorrow, and after that, fingers crossed we’re golden. Maybe. We’ll see. I sure as heck hope so. Am also quite glad raincoat fits in my new backpack. I’ve also given myself an incentive to survive the week in buying myself and my xirlfriend No Man’s Sky, seeing as it’s now apparently reached the point of being worth. So that’ll be nice, if I am not a melted tired puddle.

Writing TEL isn’t as easy as it was at the start, but you know what it still is? Fun. I need to do more with ensembles. I need to do it as gradual build up. I like big cast pieces if the characters are established. I don’t enjoy writing big cast original first-entry works. And the Horizon books are each more or less that in a nutshell. Honestly, I may just need to rethink the entire concept. But hey, I got time to do that.