August 13th, 2022 – 1,417

Getting bought some new glasses! That’s a super cool gift and it means the world to me, especially as by getting them now, we can factor in any EDS adjustments. Hopefully some day soon I can get some prescription lenses for the Index too. So cool, so yeah I’m happy. Also I went into town and bought junk food instead of take out, and man it’s sobering how much cheaper that is. I mean it’s not remotely surprising, but I need to come up with ways to make getting down there easier when I’m on low batteries. I think the backpack, as in my old one not the now-Uni one, is the answer as it makes carrying everything much easier.

When I write first drafts, I think I focus on writing an experience a bit like recounting events diary style, which makes me feel a little better about the issues I’ve talked about before now concerning immersive detail. I feel I’m pretty good at writing holistic dialogue. It’s fun, and I think it’s also pretty harmless given I have no illusions about the dire need for edits, but most of all, I think that shows how I should approach Clockspinning. Writing it as diary entries could be a super cool way of relaying the story, and while yes I will need to include immersive details even then, I think it could make for a really fun format. I should seek out a few other diary style stories and reread the ones I like for inspiration. Incidentally, my favourite is Herbert West–Reanimator. As problematic as Lovecraft is, the man could write.