August 12th, 2022 – 1,416

So I am tired, but I am functional. This was another WFH day because when I woke up I felt baaaaad, like not sick-day bad but bad enough I knew a walk in the heat might cause one, so I hopped on Valk for work today, this time pointing a desk fan at her because, well yesterday I got a game crash running House Flipper. Yes, House Flipper is more demanding than a bunch of Google Tabs and a remote server connection but, well, I didn’t wanna risk it, and thankfully I was able to do Teams and stuff on mobile. See that’s the thing, it has never been easier for me to remote work, I just still hate it. It wasn’t a bad day but I like being in a dedicated work place. When I remote in at Uni I’ll be doing it in the Library, and I’ll make sure to pick out a dedicated place I associate with work for that.

I would be going to the Library tomorrow but it’s closed on weekends over summer. For clarity’s sake, ‘Library’ with a capital L is the University of Sussex Library, as I could – and still occasionally have – gone to the college library to work when I needed a brief change of scene. Still hasn’t sunk in yet, but I think it will soon. Who knows maybe tomorrow will help there. I’ve sorted a good backpack now, the one I got for cards ages ago, and if I have the energy I will go to campus tomorrow, heatwave permitting. That’s to say if it’s over 24 heck no, but under, why not.

TEL is doing ok, and I’m feeling a little more confident in the second half of the second act, but I am also so aware of how much work there is to do in editing. I’m one of those writers who goes for story over substance and details in my early drafts because I just like adding it later, and I find I write much slower if I methodically put that in from the start. It’s a bad habit, and I should try to kick it, but at the same time it’s not like I’m sharing these stories as is. So, why bring it up? Well, I’m looking to the future, and increasingly, that future for me looks like webnovels.

And well, you have to write those in a more polished form, because you pretty much upload them as you go for best results, at least if you want audience interaction and to include current trends. Given STO is set starting from 2011 I’m less concerned there, and I imagine that’ll hurt its ability to gain readers, so if I do want to have any success as a writer I need to lure people in with a story better catered to them. Right now, I feel like that is still Clockspinning, though I may run Past the Gap alongside. I guess we’ll see if either get a following.