August 11th, 2022 – 1,415

Managed to pull of a morning target today, which helps a lot as it means I can try for an extremely early night. That’s quite important as my energy levels have been going down a lot even on 8 hours sleep. I’m starting to think that 8.5 hours is the minimum for stability. Which is, ironic, as I got more like 2.5 hours last night. As you can imagine, that’s not left me feeling fantastic, but the pains eased up enough to make it in today even on low sleep, and it’s surreal how a day working from home on 8 hours sleep feels more stressful than a very busy day in the office on 2.5 hours. Sleep is weird.

One of the most important things I’m doing in editing at the moment is to get the continuity working and ensure all the loose threads get tied up. One thing that’s proving super important is when I reread older stories and realise rather than foreshadowing, I outright spoil plot elements I want to build up to, which won’t do. Granted, I think at the time I didn’t consider those moments as big reveals to come, but it’s interesting what threads stick in your mind the most when you’ve been away from a work for a while. I find it makes editing much easier because you hold onto this idea of what you liked about a story, then you come back and just cut everything that isn’t that. It’s a lil stressful to worry about spoilers I can’t remember ruining, but it’s also fun. Writing has been a lot more fun of late.

Almost as if I’m not writing those darn Horizon books at the moment…