August 8th, 2022 – 1,412

Managed to do a big spring clean today. I’m trying a new thing in the flat, where instead of leaving surfaces empty and inviting the accumulation of stuff on them until I have to tidy, I’m leaving things out in a functional-decorative way. So far it’s working really well, I have been doing something similar with my desk by having my little Day of the Tentacle corner and such always on display, but a big part of today was that I laid out the chess set for the first time since I moved in a year ago. It takes me, a long, long time to settle in a new place. There is after all a reason why I find moving so distressing..

Other than that, I took a rest day and got my batteries up a bit, and it paid off for TEL as I got 1,400 words done with ease. I think, touch wood, I should be all good for work tomorrow, not quite ‘fully rested’ as this was a working holiday, but a lot better than I was at the start.. Here’s hoping I can hold that steady until the start of term. Both of them. That’s going to get confusing very fast.