August 4th, 2022 – 1,408

Got my temporary library pass today, as well as the coolest train ticket I’ve ever had. An annual pass between Eastbourne and Falmer means I can just hop over on the smallest whim, at any time, and that I never have to worry about the finances of that travel. It’s costly but it equates roughly to what I’m saving by becoming a student across various things, and most of all, it just lifts one huge stress.

I’ve not written any TEL yet today. I got target instead with 1,500 words of study notes. Now yes I want to write my main story content later, but this is as good a time as any to set this part of the record straight: I count study notes towards target. It’s writing, it’s important, and it’s a way to use 1K to give me a huge edge. But I will still keep writing fiction. My main story content got me to the cusp of finishing the STO series, and when I do on September 27th or so, I’ll pivot to this next chapter. Main story content will likely come back eventually, but I am getting a First in this degree and that comes first. Weird, choice of words on reflection.