August 3rd, 2022 – 1,407

That was a long day. My first solo visit to Falmer in over eight years, just to wander about and kinda, take it all in. I am shattered, but it was a lovely day, and a little bit more closure in the time I have before term starts and I need to knuckle down. At least I finally feel I can unwrap my textbooks, which I got as presents for my birthday. And yes this is why the Lego White House was relevant – it was part birthday, part celebration Sussex gave me an unconditional offer. Literally it was just SFE I was waiting on to confirm, and it took them months to straighten out what they needed and then to give me a clear answer. Yeah I am emotionally exhausted after this year.

So with Project4 now public and less cryptic, I can get back to this blog’s bread and butter: cryptic comments about novels no one is ever going to read. And on that note, it’s funny that I was in Falmer today because that is exactly where today’s scene takes place. So I guess I can also call that research. Taking a degree to help finish a book is, quite something. But then so is writing an application to write for the university newspaper because you’ve written an entire novel that is basically fanfiction of it. And yes I am writing this here to see if you read this blog when I link it in my application. Hi if you’re reading this!

No one else is…*

*by design just so we’re clear, I’m not actually this bad at SEO, honest.