July 30th, 2022 – 1,403

I pushed myself quite far yesterday with a lot of walking and rushing about London, but you know, I managed to chill out today and while yes I’m hurting from it, I think experiences are worth having recovery days. It’s not such a good idea to do that all the time, but at the start of a stretch of time off I think is the perfect moment to seize. I also really want to do it again, maybe see if I can catch a show while I’m at it. Bank balance permitting, I may do just that. Yesterday was a blast, and to be honest today was great too. Got to introduce one of my oldest friends to my xirlfriend at last, and they clicked right away.

As far as writing goes, I am feeling pretty ok to be honest. TEL is closing in on the halfway point, with maybe 2 chapters to go, and I have a solid idea of how I want the novel to play out from here. I’ve also got more ideas for conflict and how to spice it up in general. And, as I cryptically laid out yesterday, I have another really cool story lined up to work on soon. It’s not part of the STO but, well you’ll notice if you ever read my other stories that really, all rails lead back to Ore. I’m hoping to actually visit Ore again soon, as I have a potential photographer lined up for making my book covers. We’re thinking dramatic photos from each station as the first step, and paying for some actors to portray characters in the foreground. Long term goal, and that won’t be cheap, but if I’m gonna share these I may as well do it right.