July 15th, 2022 – 1,388

So, this week was rough. I am not gonna lie, I need to just pass out for the weekend, and that kinda sucks. It sucks more knowing that is just, kinda how the fatigue from hEDS works, so aside from what exercise I’ll do to build my stamina – looking into swimming, and rethinking how I do my rowing – I have to assume this is, it. That’s ok, at least I know, but yeah, it is a little sobering to know there’s not a lot I can do about it. I’m a ‘try something; if it doesn’t work try something else’ kinda person, and this is both gonna need me to use that mindset more than ever, and to accept there may just not be an answer that works at the end of it. Again, that’s ok. I have my health, and I still have a lot of mobility, as well as a solid support network.

I have a chill activity to pass the weekend at least. I am doing my first actual shiny grind, in this case on my Japanese copy of Pokémon Diamond. And this one is so overdue it is unreal. I do still want to do my grind for a shiny Feebas again as I miss my shiny Milotic that I lost all those years ago, but my favourite Pokémon/family is Magneton/the Magnet family. Not sure if I’ll keep it as a Magneton or evolve it to Magnezone; the former is my favourite but Magnezone is also super cool and both have sweet shiny looks. It’s giving me a nice distraction. TEL is too. Book is almost at the first quarter, and I’m going to just try and focus on enjoying the ride.