July 14th, 2022 – 1,387

Honestly, even if this is an 11pm blog post on a day I once again woke in too much pain and disorientation to be in the office, today was a success. I got a lot done from the laptop/Valkrie – I mean it helps my desktop is significantly faster than my work PC I guess, but in all seriousness it didn’t hurt my productivity, perhaps because I’m getting better at not beating myself up for working from home. After all if I’m getting the job done what difference does it make. My one real regret is I ordered take out for lunch, and to be blunt: it got me through the day, so I can’t even begrudge that. I just hope I drop off to sleep relatively fast tonight.

In TEL, I have a small point of concern, but it’s not so much a problem as a rewrite-fix: I am pulling a LOT together in one book, and quite a lot of it has to happen in one go, or at least has in this draft. I am aware I need to not overwhelm the reader, though this one does to be fair come with the disclaimer that you have to have read the other 13, or 12 plus a summary of WAN because I don’t feel right walling anything off behind that book as a prerequisite. But I am still having a blast writing TEL so that’s what matters.